Installation Service - your personal remote installer

Installation Service - your personal remote installer


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As fellow parents we know how busy you can be and how challenging introducing a much needed service like iKydz might be in your home. We want to make it as easy as possible for you and that is why we offer a complete, personalised Installation Service.

Here is what we have done for other customers and what we can do for you!

When you order your personal Installation Service, we fully configure and register your iKydz Home smart device before it arrives at your home. One of our trained agents will call and schedule a time with you when your children maybe out and you are free.

All you need is a laptop and a connection to the Internet. Our agent will connect to your laptop, rename your existing WiFi name and password so that you and the other adults in the house only have access to it. The agent will then change the name and password of the iKydz network to the original network details.

Once your children arrive back into the house, they will automatically connect to iKydz with the old password settings and, hey presto, you are up and running. 

Less hassle and stress for all concerned! :-)