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Children of the Digital Age – An Internet Guide Safety Guide

We all now live in a modern Digital Age, surrounded by technology. This new era offers us some incredible opportunities, using the many different types of digital devices, media and Social Media which are available and present in our homes. Having spoken to thousands of children all over the country, we see that children in every home in Ireland now have access to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles. In many cases these are their own devices. In the majority of cases the devices are not monitored and online access is unrestricted.

While there is an incredible amount of advantages in having access to the internet at a young age, including education, communication, shopping, online gaming and social aspects, there are online dangers to be aware of. The internet can be safe environment for all. We all just need to be educated in the dangers and then teach our own children how to navigate the online world in a safe and secure way.

At Children of the Digital Age we provide education to both parents and children of all ages so that that can enjoy a safer surfing experience. Children need to develop a resilience to be able to confidently face the darker elements of the online world. This can only be done by exposing the children to age appropriate content while discussing everything from the dangers of over sharing personal information or images, accepting friend or follower requests from strangers to the sharing of inappropriate images with others.

Parents need to understand however, that an unsecured device in the hands of a child poses a serious potential risk of exposure to inappropriate content, pornography and online predators. There are also Apps which are entirely unsuitable for children. Just as you close your front door and windows to secure your home to protect your family and keep unwanted elements out of your home, you need to secure your family homes Digital Doorway also. This is the access to your home through digital devices access to the internet. You need to see who is accessing this doorway. You need to be able to monitor and restrict this content. An unsecured or unmonitored digital device ensures that this doorway is open and this may permit children to access some of the more unsavoury aspects of the online world.

iKyds offers a means to secure this digital doorway in your home. It is an Irish product that we have recommended to parents during our presentations. It is easy to set up, provides restriction options which can be set up for the individual devices in the home.  It is a product that we are proud to be able to recommend to parents. This is a product which can provide an enormous amount of control over a digital devices access online, but more importantly can bring peace of mind that you have taken steps to protect your children in their home.